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Diana D. Williams, GCLC, Graduate Certified Life Coach

Leader Development or Leadership Development?

Leader Development is different from what is typically thought of as Leadership Development. Leader development usually pertains to groups of associates and their effectiveness towards organizational goals and objectives. Leader development typically focuses on the individual growth and development of the leader, and how that growth takes place as well as the things that affect growth (Hughes, Ginnett, and Curphy, 2012). As you read through the articles in this site, you will find that most articles reflect that distinction and deal more on the personal development side.

In some ways though, both leader and leadership development are similar. For instance, just as leadership development is often the subject of academic education and what would be thought of as practical learning, leader development can be as well. The reality is, both dimensions, the academic and the practical are necessary for effective leader development. The leader who knows the techniques but has never had the practical experience, has no first-hand knowledge that what he has learned is valid. The leader who has practiced intuitively in stable environments without the knowledge of proven techniques may also have limited effectiveness; especially in our constantly changing 21st century environment, where what worked in the past is not working today.

The Paradigm Shift

This paradigm change explains why we live in what is called the “knowledge age,” where the knowledge worker is king. To put it into context, just as the manufacturing era of the ‘50s through the ‘70s emphasized the production of goods and caused the production worker to dominate the economy, it is the knowledge worker who will dominate and lead the 21st century economy (Chinowsky et al., 2007).  Who is the knowledge worker?  The leader at all levels of any organization who is skilled in applying knowledge creatively to solve organizational problems. This is the leader who will dominate the workplaces of our 21st century and beyond.

Your Leader Development Experience

The day of getting knowledge for the sake of getting knowledge is over. It’s only the knowledge you can use to solve real organizational problems that will count; and that involves genuine learning.  Since everyone learns differently, Leader Development presents knowledge in different formats to appeal to all types of learners.  For instance, under the “Meat Eaters” tab are the weightier articles.  At “Picture It” you’ll find things like videos and PowerPoints.  At the “Hear This” tab will be podcasts and audio messages. You may find anything at “Tidbits”.  We call that our junk drawer where we throw things that are short and pithy.

The bottom line, you will find a plethora of knowledge that when absorbed and creatively applied can literally cause you to excel in your leader development.

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